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Digital Dongcheng Portal ( http://jmdsp.com , hereinafter referred to as "this site") is the Beijing Dongcheng District Government Portal, hosted by Beijing Dongcheng District People's Government, Beijing Dongcheng District Science and Technology and Information Organized by the Bureau of Chemical Industry, the website management department is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the website.

The main tasks of the Digital Dongcheng Portal are to publicize the policies and policies of the party and government, to display the image of Dongcheng, to publish various government affairs information, to provide online services and to achieve public participation.

Please read this legal statement carefully before using this website. By using this website, you indicate that you know and accept these terms. Users must use the information and services of this website in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and the requirements of this statement, otherwise this website will be held legally responsible for the parties concerned.

I. Intellectual Property

Domain name, logo and distinguished name

jmdsp.com used on this website and other registered domain names, trademarks and proprietary names of this website are protected by relevant laws. Without the consent of the Dongcheng District Information Center, no unit or individual may use the above domain names, Trademarks and proper names are used confusingly or ambiguously. The website logos, patterns, Chinese and English names used on this website are digital East City proprietary logos, and no one may use them without the permission of the website owner.


The ownership of all content contained in this website (including but not limited to: text, graphics, pictures, video and audio content, LOGO logo, layout design, column catalog and name, content classification) is owned by Beijing Dongcheng District People's Government.

The content and software of this website are protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws. Any unit or individual who uses the content and services provided by this website for commercial, profitable, advertising, etc. needs to obtain the written permission of Dongcheng District Information Center or relevant rights holders; use the content and services provided by this website for non- For commercial use, the copyright law and other relevant laws shall be followed, and the rights of website owners and related rights holders shall not be infringed.

Copyright Objection

If the right holder believes that the written works, pictures, audio and video materials (hereinafter referred to as "works") involved in the content of this website infringe its copyright, please notify this website in writing in a timely manner. This website will delete the alleged infringing work or discontinue in accordance with the law. Open the corresponding link; but if the right holder cannot produce valid identity certificate, copyright ownership certificate and infringement situation certificate, it shall be deemed that no objection has been filed. This website does not bear any responsibility for the mistaken deletion of the work or the erroneous disconnection of the work due to the notice of the right holder.


All text, pictures, audio and video materials marked with "Source: Digital East City" in the content of this website belong to this website. Any media, website or individual who reproduces or quotes the content of this website must be news or informational Public free information is used reasonably and in good faith for the purpose of use, and the original intention of the content of this website must not be misinterpreted, modified, and marked "Source: Digital East City". Violators of this website will be held accountable according to law.

Third-party information extracted or reproduced from this website will indicate the specific source. Any media, website, or individual downloading and using from this website must retain the source of information indicated on this website and bear its own legal liability such as copyright.

Second, the website use regulations

This website is a government website. No commercial website may establish a link to this website and its content without permission from Dongcheng District Information Center. No one may create a mirror image (including full and partial mirrors) of this website without the authorization of the website owner.

No organization or individual may illegally copy, plagiarize, or use this website and its content for any unauthorized commercial purpose. If the owner of this website determines that the user's behavior is illegal or harms the interests of the website, he will reserve the right to take relevant legal actions.

This website strives to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the government affairs information, materials and other content published by this website itself. The legal texts such as laws, regulations, policies, etc. published on this website shall prevail on paper.

This website may provide users with content and services from other websites through links on the website. This website does not control these websites and their content and is not responsible for them. Users are requested to pay attention to the relevant provisions of these websites when using the services provided by such websites, and to judge for themselves the possible consequences and risks to decide whether to use the content or services provided by these websites.

User Information

Information Collection

Users can access this website and obtain information in an anonymous state, but users may need to provide personal information to this website when using some features on this website (such as online mailboxes, online Q & As, online reviews, etc.), including but not limited to Limited to the user's name, date of birth, gender, contact information, ID number, email address, education level, occupation, etc. The user must ensure that the information provided is true, accurate, effective and complete, and update the registration information at any time, otherwise, this website has the right to cancel the user registration or refuse to provide the corresponding website services.

When a user browses this website, the system of this website will automatically collect the user's IP address and website browsing information. This information helps us to evaluate how our website visitors and users use and browse our website on a holistic basis, including the number, frequency and duration of visits to each webpage by visitors and users. By collecting the above information, we will conduct traffic statistics to improve the management and service of the website.

Use of information

The personal information provided by users to this website may be used for the following purposes:

(1) Verify user identity and provide corresponding services;

(2) Carry out instructions from users, respond to inquiries, suggestions or reports made by or on behalf of users;

(3) Used to compile traffic statistics on website usage;

(4) Notifying users of relevant information by sending e-mail or other methods;

(5) It is used for the purpose specified by the user when providing information, such as participating in public opinions, guest interviews, and commenting.

Without the user's permission, this website will not provide any personal information of the user to any third party, except for the following reasons:

(1) According to the rules and procedures formulated by this website, this website has sufficient reasons to believe that it has obtained the authorization of the user;

(2) In accordance with the laws, regulations, policies and other regulatory legal documents of the People's Republic of China, request this website to provide;

(3) Cannot blame the objective situation of this website, resulting in the disclosure of personal data;

(4) the disclosure of personal data due to force majeure;

(5) the disclosure of personal data due to the user's own fault;

(6) the disclosure of personal data beyond the technical capabilities of the hardware and software used on this website;

(7) in an emergency to protect the privacy and security of the user or the public;

(8) In order to maintain the ownership and related rights of this website.

information security

This website will strictly manage and protect the information provided by users, and will use corresponding technical measures (such as setting up server backup data and encrypting user passwords, etc.) to prevent users' personal data from being lost, stolen or altered. If due to force majeure or computer virus infection, hacking and other special reasons, the user information is destroyed, leaked and lost, this website will take necessary measures to try to reduce the user's loss, but this website will not bear any responsibility for this.

User rights

Users can view, update and modify the personal information provided to this website through relevant pages of this website, or ask this website to delete this information.

Fourth, exemption

This website does not provide any express or implied warranty on all information, content and services provided by third parties on this website. This website is not responsible for any loss caused by the use of the above information, content and services, including direct and indirect losses.