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The "Digital East City" portal provides visitors with information on important news, government affairs, and administrative services in Dongcheng District. In order to facilitate your browsing, the portal also provides auxiliary functions such as personalization. This help will guide you how to easily find all kinds of information and how to use the new features of the website.
Information browsing help

Website information classification puts the most commonly used and important information on the website on the homepage of the website, and then divides the information into information disclosure, government-civilian interaction, office services, public services, and charming east city according to the browsing objects and information types.

Information disclosure

It mainly includes Dongcheng dynamics, window of leadership, district government departments 'briefings, government department dynamics information, government departments' relevant financial, personnel, statistics, and fiscal information.

Civic interaction

Mainly include information on interaction between the government and viewers, such as mailboxes, interviews, voting, public opinion, and forums

Office services

It mainly includes resources for individuals, companies and services for special groups.

Public Service

It mainly includes Dongcheng school, medical institutions, tourist attractions, specialty food, hotel accommodation, leisure shopping, sports and fitness, convenience information and other information.

Charming East Side

It mainly includes the introduction of Dongcheng economy, culture, urban construction, environment, style, and illustrations of Dongcheng and Dongcheng life.

Auxiliary section

Mainly includes the English version, website search, friendly links, site map, about us, use help and other columns that provide various types of browsing assistance for different types of users

There are several convenient ways for users to find information on the website:

First: go directly to each channel to view the information.

Second: There is a site map at the bottom of the website, which provides a list of all levels of the website. You can go directly to the corresponding column to find information.

Third: Find website information through the search engine above the homepage. Search engines can search not only the information on this website, but also the information on the websites of various departments.

Help using online services

The service information of this website is divided into two categories: citizens and enterprises according to user objects. Each process is designed and classified according to the user's life cycle or work process, which is easy to find on demand. The specific method of finding office service information is as follows:
First: choose the category directly. In the service area of the homepage of the portal website, the two sub-categories of the two objects have been listed. You can enter the categories to find relevant information according to your needs.

Second: go directly to the service channel to find service information. The user chooses to enter the relevant section according to his role, and each section has classified the work guide in detail according to the user role. After entering the channel, you can directly search for service information and browse related news information.

Third: search and find. The website provides a full-text search engine, and you can see the search window on the homepage. You can search for business information with organization keywords.