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永外街道司法所联合多部门,将宪法宣传与司法行政系统开放日相结合,在百荣商场开展“司法行政 70周年”暨“司法行政在身边”北京司法行政系统开放日 主题宣传活动。 On December 3rd, Yongwai Street Judicial Institute united multiple departments to combine constitutional propaganda with the judicial administration system open day, and launched the " 70th Anniversary of Judicial Administration " and "Judicial Administration Aside" Beijing Judicial Administration System Open Day at Bairong Shopping Center Themed promotional activities. 向居民 进行了普法宣传,并在活动现场 设置了专门的 法律 咨询台,为有需求的居民提供咨询服务。 The departments of Yongwai Subdistrict give full play to the principle of "who implements the law and enforces the law." From the perspective of their own work, they have publicized the law to the residents , and set up a special legal consultation desk at the event site to provide consulting services for residents in need. In addition, the Yongwai Judicial Institute promotes judicial administration to residents through materials such as display boards.