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在百荣世贸商城 B座门前举办养老驿站 宣传活动。 Recently, Yongwai Street Guancun Village and Taoyuan Senior Care Service Station held publicity activities for senior care stations in front of the B-Ball of World Trade Center . 养老驿站的功能定位及驿站提供的各项 养老 服务,重点对老年餐桌、日间照料、助浴、康复护理、健康检测、中医服务、修脚、理发等服务一一进行了详细说明,并对老人的疑问进行了耐心解答。 During the activity, the elderly were introduced to the functional positioning of the elderly post station and the various elderly care services provided by the station , focusing on the elderly table, day care, bathing, rehabilitation care, health testing, traditional Chinese medicine services, pedicure, haircut and other services. Explained in detail, and patiently answered the questions of the elderly. 管村及桃园 驿站的建成更方便了周边老人的生活,老年餐桌的设立解决了部分老人的吃饭问题,日间照料、短期托养服务可以在一定程度上缓解年轻人外出时 没人照护 老人的难题。 Old people said that the completion of the Guancun and Taoyuan Stations will make life easier for the elderly around them. The establishment of an elderly dining table has solved the problem of eating for some elderly people. Day care and short-term care services can alleviate the young people ’s problems when going out Difficulties in caring for the elderly.