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志愿者日养老服务活动 On December 5th, volunteers at Guanwai Village and Taoyuan Community Pension Service Station in Yongwai Street carried out volunteer day care service activities for the elderly in Yongwai District. . 为地区居民提供了免费剪发、义诊、修脚、测血糖、中医按摩等服务; 桃园社区驿站 为地区居民提供了免费剪发、义诊、 为社区老人代换煤气、 中医按摩等服务。 During the event, the Guancun Community Station provided free haircutting, free consultation, pedicure, blood glucose measurement, and traditional Chinese medicine massage for local residents ; the Taoyuan Community Station provided free haircut, free consultation, gas replacement for the elderly in the community, and traditional Chinese medicine. Massage and other services. 弘扬 “奉献、友爱、互助、进步”的 便民养老 服务精神和“学习雷锋、奉献他人、提升自己”的服务理念,营造良好的“学雷锋”氛围 展现了社区居民健康向上的精神风貌 This activity promoted the spirit of convenience service for the aged “dedication, love, mutual assistance, and progress” and the service concept of “learning Lei Feng, dedicating others, and improving oneself”, creating a good atmosphere of “learning Lei Feng” , showing the healthy and progressive community residents Spiritual style .