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December 3, 2019 is the 28th International Day of Disabled Persons. In order to allow the public to better understand and care for the cause of the disabled, and to promote the disability policy to the public, Dongzhimen Street Disabled Persons 'Federation actively responds to the Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation's The notification requirements of the implementation plan for special activities are actively integrated into the work requirements and content of the Disabled Persons 'Federation of the city, district, and street. On the afternoon of December 3, the Dongzhimen Disabled Persons' Federation held the 28th International Day of Disabled Persons with Disabilities Series at the Dongzhimen Transportation Hub. Activities, the participants of this activity are mainly street disabled staff and volunteers. This activity was mainly carried out to train disabled people to travel freely, called on the public to provide disabled people with more accessible barrier-free public facilities, inspected public barrier-free facilities in public places from time to time, put forward suggestions for rectification, and found out through field inspections. The problem shall be reported to the Disabled Persons Federation, so as to solve the problem of the disabled in a real and timely manner.