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20 19 15 Dong Zheng Fa [ 20 19 ] No. 15

Sub-district offices, district committees, offices, bureaus, and district-affiliated agencies:

2019 10 26 日第 76 次区政府常务会议审议通过,现印发给你们,请结合实际认真贯彻执行。 The "Implementation Plan for Promoting Employment in Dongcheng District at Present and in the Future" has been reviewed and approved by the 76th District Government Executive Meeting on October 26 , 2019 , and is now issued to you. Please implement it carefully and in accordance with the actual situation.

Dongcheng District People's Government

11 22 November 22 , 2019

(This is publicly available)

About doing a good job in Dongcheng District

Implementation plan for employment promotion

确保辖区就业形势持续稳定,根据《国务院关于做好当前和今后一个时期促进就业工作的若干意见》(国发〔 2018 39 号)和《北京市人民政府关于做好当前和今后一个时期促进就业工作的实施意见》(京政发〔 2018 30 号)文件精神,结合东城区实际,现就做好东城区当前和今后一个时期促进就业工作提出如下实施方案: In order to fully implement the states decision-making and deployment onstabilizing employment and ensure the continued stable employment situation in the jurisdiction, according to the “Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting Employment in the Current and Future Periods” (Guo Fa [ 2018 ] No. 39 ) and The Beijing Municipal People's Government's Implementation Opinions on Doing a Good Job in Promoting Employment in the Present and Future Periods (Jingzhengfa [ 2018 ] No. 30 ) document spirit, combined with the actual situation of Dongcheng District, now do a good job of promoting employment in Dongcheng District for the current and future The work proposes the following implementation plans:

I. Guiding ideology

就业能力;充分推进劳动者自主就业、市场调节就业和政府促进就业的系统协调发展,进一步提升东城区重点群体的就业质量,确保全区就业形势保持稳定。 Guided by Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we will resolutely implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and Beijing s decision-making and deployment onstabilizing employment , adhere to the employment priority strategy and a more active employment policy, and take vocational skills training as a way to maintain employment Key measures for stabilizing and alleviating structural employment contradictions, and continuously improving the employability of workers ; fully promote the systematic and coordinated development of independent employment, market-regulated employment and government promotion of employment, further improve the employment quality of key groups in Dongcheng District, and ensure the entire district The employment situation remains stable.

Work goals

东城区登记失业率控制在 1% 以下,调查失业率 控制 2% 以下; 登记失业人员单位就业率提高至 10% 以上; 使 技能劳动者占就业人员总量比例达到 30 % 以上; 使 东城户籍大中专毕业生就业率达到 97% 以上,有就业意愿的困难家庭大学生 100% 实现就业。 After three years of efforts, the registered unemployment rate in Dongcheng District will be controlled below 1% , and the surveyed unemployment rate will be controlled below 2% ; the employment rate of registered unemployed persons will be increased to more than 10% ; and the proportion of skilled workers in the total number of employees will reach More than 30 % ; the employment rate of graduates of Dongcheng household registration colleges and technical secondary schools has reached more than 97% , and 100% of college students in difficult families who have a willingness to work have achieved employment.

Third, the main task

(I) Seriously implement various employment preferential policies

Actively implement employment preferential policies at various levels such as job subsidies and social insurance subsidies for unemployed people, flexible employment employees enjoy social insurance subsidies, unemployment insurance premium rebates for insured companies, and public welfare job subsidies, and further optimize business handling processes to facilitate Workers enjoy the policy and ensure that the policy takes effect. Continue to strengthen policy advocacy and raise the policy awareness of workers and employers. Strengthen policy training and business exchanges to improve the business capabilities of grassroots staff.

(2) Enhancing entrepreneurship to promote employment

Fully implement the entrepreneurial support policy, continue to promote the development of " double innovation " and " Internet +" , and create a good atmosphere to encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Integrate departmental resources, speed up the construction of entrepreneurial incubation bases and Zhongchuang space, give play to the role of resource incubation and radiation leadership of incubation bases, and provide comprehensive services such as project development, business opening guidance, and resource sharing. 复转军人 等重点 群体 的创业培训,完善培训工作机制,为创业者提供 更高层次、个性化创业培训课程体系 ,提升劳动者创业能力。 Strengthen entrepreneurship training for key groups such as university graduates and returnees, improve the training mechanism, provide entrepreneurs with a higher-level, personalized entrepreneurship training course system , and improve the entrepreneurial ability of workers.

群体 参加职业技能培训 (3) Encourage key groups to participate in vocational skills training

对培训合格的给予培训机构和合格的失业人员职业培训补贴。 If Dongcheng unemployed persons and college graduates are trained and recommended for successful employment, a one-time reward will be given to designated training institutions according to the standard of 1500 yuan per person ; qualified training institutions will be given training institutions and qualified unemployed vocational training subsidies . 登记困难 失业人员 在培训期间 按照 每人每天不低于 35 元的 标准给予生活费补贴 ,生活费补贴政策每人每年只享受一次,且不可同时领取失业保险金 ;对口支援帮扶地区建档立卡贫困人员参加我区定点培训机构组织的职业技能培训,给予生活费补贴,在京参加职业技能培训,按照每人每天 350 元标准给予生活费补贴,给予我区定点培训机构一次性培训补贴。 During the training period, unemployed persons who have difficulty in registering and receiving certificates will be provided with a living allowance at a rate of not less than 35 yuan per person per day during the training period . The living allowance policy will only be enjoyed once a year per person, and unemployment benefits cannot be received at the same time ; Help the poor people who set up files in the district to participate in the vocational skills training organized by the designated training institutions in our district, and give them living allowances. In Beijing, they will participate in the vocational skills training. They will be given a living allowance according to the standard of 350 yuan per person per day. subsidy.

(IV) Strengthening employment service capacity building

一窗式 办理,优化服务流程,创新服务理念,不断优化营商环境。 Efforts will be made to promote the construction of a public employment and entrepreneurship service system, promote a comprehensive teller system and business one-window processing, optimize service processes, innovate service concepts, and continuously optimize the business environment. Strengthen the legalization of the human resources market, carry out the construction of the human resources market integrity system, and coordinate the establishment of a unified, standardized, and orderly human resources market system. Strengthen the classification assistance and real-name system dynamic management of the people with employment difficulties to ensure that the dynamics of zero-employment families is zero. Implement the employment and entrepreneurship promotion plan for college graduates, improve the service system covering all stages of the school and outside, and the entire process of employment and entrepreneurship, and promote supply and demand docking and precise assistance.

(5) Encouraging employers to recruit unemployed persons

困难失业人员 的用人单位,稳定工作一年后,分别按每人每年 7000 8000 9000 元标准给予最多三年的岗位补贴;招用其他失业人员的,稳定工作一年后,分别按每人每年 4000 5000 6000 元标准给予岗位补贴。 For employers recruiting unemployed people with difficult household registration in Dongcheng , after a year of stable work, they will be given a position subsidy of up to three years at a rate of 7000 , 8000 , and 9,000 yuan per person per year, respectively ; for other unemployed people, after one year of stable work Post subsidies will be given at a rate of 4,000 , 5000 , and 6000 yuan per person per year, respectively .

For employers recruiting 5-10 (excluding) unemployed persons, a one-time reward is provided at the rate of 3,000 yuan per person ; for recruiting 10-20 employees, a one-time reward is provided at the rate of 4,000 yuan per person ; 20 For those with more than one name, a one-time reward will be given at the rate of 5,000 yuan per person .

失业人员和高校毕业生 到单位见习 (6) Encourage unemployed and college graduates to go to work

高校毕业生 16-24 岁的 东城区 登记失业人员到 单位 见习,按照每人每月 2000 元标准给予 见习单位就业 见习补贴,最长不超过 12 个月。 Dongcheng registered college graduates who have not been employed within 2 years of graduation and Dongcheng District unemployed who are 16-24 years old are enrolled in the unit for apprenticeship, and the apprenticeship allowance is provided to the apprentice unit at a rate of 2,000 yuan per person per month for up to 12 months.

Work requirements

)强化组织领导。 ( 1 ) Strengthen organizational leadership. 发改 、财政 、统计 人力社保局 等部门加强沟通协调,定期会商分析研判辖区就业形势,多层次全方位跟踪全区就业发展变化,稳妥做好失业风险防范和应对工作。 Give full play to the role of the district social security and employment working group as a coordinator. The district development and reform commission , the financial bureau , the statistics bureau , and the human resources and social security bureau strengthened communication and coordination. They regularly consulted to analyze and judge the employment situation in their jurisdictions. Development and changes, and do a good job in preventing and responding to unemployment risks.

(2) Strict fund supervision. The District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, together with the District Finance Bureau, has researched and promulgated the measures for the supervision of special funds for employment in the Dongcheng District, formulated detailed rules for the implementation of policies, standardized the approval process, and improved the work manual. 切实保障专项资金安全。 Third-party companies are hired to carry out on-site inspections and spot checks on a regular basis, and conduct information inquiry and verification on a unit-by-unit and personnel-by-person basis to effectively ensure the safety of special funds.

(3) Increase policy publicity. 让失业人员和就业重点群体知晓政策,积极走出家门到单位就业,整体提升我区就业质量。 Use the social security platform to collect information about employers and carry out push-to-door preferential service services; increase the promotion of policies for small, medium and micro enterprises and the unemployed; Publicize and implement the work, let the unemployed and key employment groups know the policies, actively go out of their homes to work in the units, and improve the overall quality of employment in our district.

(4) Carry out policy evaluation. 群体 就业变化情况,建立与社会保险数据核定比对机制,全面评估我区促进就业实施方案的实际效果, 注意总结评估,及时修改完善, 让政策措施真正落地见效。 Real-time tracking and management of employment changes of key groups in the region , establishment of a verification mechanism with social insurance data, comprehensive evaluation of the actual effect of employment promotion programs in our district, attention to summary evaluation, timely modification and improvement, so that policies and measures can really take effect.

V. Other issues that need to be explained

1. Administrative agencies, public institutions, public management service projects at all levels of government, and labor dispatch enterprises are not included in the scope of various types of post subsidies or awards.

本文件自发布之日起试行三年,具体 实施 细则由区人力社保局会同有关部门另行制定。 2. This document will be implemented on a trial basis for three years from the date of its publication. The detailed implementation rules shall be formulated separately by the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments.

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