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20 19 17 Dongzhengbanfa [ 20 19 ] No. 17

Sub-district offices, district committees, offices, bureaus, and district-affiliated agencies:

The "Dual Random, One Open" Supervision Implementation Plan for the Inter-departmental Joint Supervision of Beijing's Dongcheng District has been approved by the district government, and is now issued to you. Please implement it carefully in accordance with the actual situation.

Dongcheng District People's Government Office

11 11 November 11 , 2019

(This is publicly available)

Beijing Dongcheng District Intersectoral Union

"Double Random, One Public" Supervision Work Implementation Plan

进一步深化我区 “放管服”改革力度,加强事中事后监管,优化我区营商环境,结合东城区实际,制定本实施方案。 In order to implement the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting Randomized Spot Inspection Standards after the Event" (Guobanfa [ 2015 ] No. 58 ), and the "State Council on Comprehensively Implementing Departmental Joint " Double Random, One Open " Supervision in the Market Supervision Field . Opinions "(Guo Fa [ 2019 ] No. 5 )," Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government on Promoting Random Sampling Standardization and Ex-post Supervision "(Jingzhengbanfa [ 2015 ] No. 58 )," Beijing People's Government General Office 's Implementation Plan for Comprehensively Promoting Departmental Joint " Double Random, One Open " Supervision in the Field of Market Supervision "(Jingzhengbanfa [ 2019 ] No. 14 )," About Accelerating the Construction of Social Credit System to Further Improve the Level of City Management and Optimize Business "Environmental work promotion plan" (Jingshexinlianbanfa [ 2018 ] No. 34 ) document requirements, to further deepen the reform of "decentralization service" in our district , strengthen supervision after the event, optimize the business environment of the district, and combine the actual situation of Dongcheng District Develop this implementation plan.

I. Guiding ideology

Guided by the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we will implement the work arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to promote decentralization, decentralization, and change of government functions. Adhere to the working principles of supervision, legality, fairness, efficiency, openness, transparency, and collaborative advancement. Management methods, in-depth promotion of jointdouble random, one open supervision of departments, realizing full coverage of cross-departmental joint random inspections, effectively avoiding multiple law enforcement, repeated inspections, and law enforcement harassment and other issues, focusing on improving departmental supervision and strengthening of violations of laws and regulations The crackdown on behaviors creates a fair market environment and an efficient and convenient business environment.

Organization and job responsibilities

(1) Organization

In order to strengthen the organizational leadership and overall coordination of the cross-departmental random inspection of Dongcheng District , a jointdouble random, one open supervision work group (hereinafter referred to as the leadership group ) was established in Dongcheng District . The main leaders of the government office, the District Justice Bureau, the District Science and Technology Bureau, and the District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau are the deputy team leaders, the leaders of the Dongcheng Public Security Branch, the District Housing and Construction Committee, the District Education Committee, the District Health and Health Commission, the District Financial Services Office, the District Transportation Commission, District Commerce Bureau, District Cultural Tourism Bureau, District Eco-Environment Bureau, District Taxation Bureau, Dongcheng Customs, District Statistics Bureau, District Emergency Management Bureau, District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, District Manpower and Social Security Bureau, various street The main leaders of the office, Wangfujing Construction Management Office, Qianmen Street Management Committee, and Beijing Railway District Management Committee are members.

There is an office under the leading group. The office is located in the District Market Supervision Administration. The director is the director of the office. The leaders of the district government office, the district judicial bureau, the district science and technology bureau, and the district market supervision bureau are the deputy directors. The leaders of the sub-district office, Wangfujing Construction Management Office, Qianmen Street Management Committee, and Beijing Railway District Management Committee are members of the office.

(Two) job duties

District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau: responsible for the overall coordination, organization and promotion of cross-departmental double random inspections; maintaining the credit supervision platform for commercial subjects in Dongcheng District.

District government office: strengthen the overall guidance of cross-departmental double random inspections and inspections, and cooperate with the lead department to conduct joint inspections on the implementation of the work of relevant units.

District Justice Bureau: Responsible for organizing functional departments to formulate double random checklists and make dynamic adjustments to the random random checklists; organize functional departments to improve the checklist of inspection objects and the list of law enforcement inspectors with administrative law enforcement qualifications.

District Science and Technology Bureau: responsible for providing technical support for the construction of Dongcheng District commercial subject credit supervision platform.

Other functional departments: Responsible for formulating a list of spot checks for the department, establishing a spot check working mechanism; formulating a cross-departmental random check work plan involving the department, and standardizing the law enforcement inspection process; deploying law enforcement forces according to the work deployment, and completing random cross-department random check tasks; timely, Accurately collect supervision information and random inspection results from Dongcheng District Commercial Subject Credit Supervision Platform.

Work tasks

(I) Establishing a cross-departmental joint random inspection work mechanism

1. Develop a list of cross-department random spot checks. Each functional department shall, in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations and rules, draw up a list of random spot checks for the department in accordance with the list requirements of municipal departments, clarify the basis of random checks, the objects of the random checks, the contents of the random checks, the methods of random checks, etc. The District Judicial Bureau reviews and records, and forms a cross-departmental joint random checklist. It is necessary to dynamically adjust the random checklist in accordance with the revision of laws, regulations and rules and the actual work.

Where laws, regulations and rules have clear regulations on inspection methods, and the State Council and various ministries and commissions have special requirements for inspections, they may not be included in the scope of joint spot checks.

2. Establish a cross-department random random inspection of the directory of law enforcement inspectors and market entities. All functional departments should further strengthen the management of law enforcement inspectors in their own departments, establish a directory of law enforcement inspectors in their own departments; comprehensively sort out market entities that are subject to joint cross-sectoral spot checks, and establish a directory database of inspected entities; Mechanism to ensure that the directory is accurate and up-to-date.

3. Establish a cross-department random random inspection work mechanism. Establish a " double random " random inspection mechanism for random selection of inspection objects and random selection of law enforcement inspectors, random selection of inspection objects from the list of market entities, and random selection of law enforcement inspection personnel from the law enforcement inspection personnel directory. Strictly restrict the discretion of the supervisory authority and reasonably determine the proportion and frequency of random spot checks. It is necessary to ensure the necessary spot check coverage and work intensity, and to prevent excessive inspections and law enforcement from disturbing the people. Inspection targets with low levels of compliance with the law, such as high levels of complaints, inclusion in the business anomaly list, or records of serious violations of laws and regulations, shall be implemented through focused inspections and increased supervision by increasing the proportion and frequency of random inspections.

(2) Organize and implement joint random inspections across departments

According to the work requirements of municipal departments and district committees and district governments, various functional departments put forward work plans for law enforcement inspections in light of the actual situation in the economic and social development and supervision areas of the district. 一次抽查、全面体检、综合会诊、精准施治 The leading group combines the actual work, integrates law enforcement inspection tasks, coordinates, coordinates, and organizes relevant departments to carry out joint random inspections across departments. In principle, multiple inspections of the same inspection object should be completed at one time, eliminating duplicate inspections and improving the effectiveness of law enforcement. Reduce the cost of inspection objects, and achieve " one spot check, comprehensive medical examination, comprehensive consultation, accurate treatment " . It is necessary to improve the follow-up supervision system and implement follow-up supervision on problems found in joint random inspections across departments in accordance with the principle of who is in charge and who is responsible, to prevent supervision from being disconnected.

(3) Promote the application of a unified inter-departmental joint random inspection and supervision system

Relying on the credit supervision platform of commercial entities in Dongcheng District, the city will promote the application of a unified cross-departmental joint random inspection management system throughout the district, promote the electronic management of jointdual-random, one-publicity supervision of departments, and promote the application of information sharing between law enforcement inspections across departments to achieve Interconnection of illegal leads, mutual exchange of regulatory standards, and mutual recognition of inspection results. All functional departments shall use the Dongcheng District Commercial Subject Credit Supervision Platform to collect daily supervision and administrative punishment information under the name of the commercial subject to lay the foundation for conducting double random spot checks. Relying on the credit monitoring platform of commercial entities in Dongcheng District, electronic means shall be used to implement the tasks of double random spot checks, such as task generation, task dispatch, result entry, result approval, result push, statistical query, database maintenance, etc., and complete the double random spot checks. Leaving marks to achieve traceability.

(4) Strengthen the publicity of the results of spot checks

All functional departments shall increase the punishment for illegal acts found in spot checks in accordance with laws and regulations, form an effective deterrent, enhance the consciousness of market entities in abiding by the law, and promptly transfer suspected crimes to judicial organs. Except for cases that are not suitable for disclosure according to law and regulations, all relevant departments shall follow the principle of " who checks, who enters, and who is open " , and send the results of the spot checks to the " Credit East City " platform in a timely manner within 20 working days after the completion of the spot checks . Public announcement and acceptance of social supervision. It is necessary to establish and improve the mechanism of incentives and disciplinary punishments for trustworthiness, incorporate the results of joint random random inspections of cross-sectoral departments into the integrity files of random inspection objects, and establish an evaluation system for the compliance status of random inspection objects as an important reference for the implementation of administrative management. Relevant disciplinary measures shall be implemented against the subjects of dishonesty in accordance with the law, so that the persons who have broken faith shall be illegal and restricted everywhere.

(5) Improve the effectiveness of collaborative supervision

Based on the joint " double random, one open " supervision of the departments, we should establish and improve the mechanism of the department's coordinated joint law enforcement work, further improve the systemic, integrated, and effective results of the coordinated supervision work, and strive to solve the problem of weak and weak law enforcement at the grassroots level, effectively. Strengthen grass-roots law enforcement and supervision functions, focus on resolving prominent issues that are strongly reflected by the masses, and improve grass-roots government supervision capabilities and levels.

(6) Deal with individual cases and special inspections

While doing a good job ofdouble random and one open supervision, we should immediately carry out inspection and disposal of clues about violations of laws and regulations found through complaints, reports, transfers, and data monitoring. For the general problems found through the above-mentioned channels and the prominent risks of market order, special random inspections on the matters involved in random inspections shall be conducted through random inspections to ensure that no systematic or regional risks occur. For unlicensed and unlicensed operations, relevant departments shall investigate and deal with them in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Measures for the Investigation and Prosecution of Unlicensed and Unlicensed Operations.

Work requirements

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership. The promotion of cross-departmental joint spot checks is an important measure to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council to promote simplified administration and decentralization, the combination of decentralization and management, and the optimization of services. All departments must attach great importance to strengthen organizational leadership, establish working mechanisms, integrate working forces, strengthen linkage and coordination, and improve inspections. Level, and effectively implement joint random inspections of supervision across departments.

(2) Strict implementation of responsibilities. All member units should further enhance their sense of responsibility, earnestly perform their statutory regulatory responsibilities, vigorously promote joint random checks across departments, and conduct fair, effective, and transparent supervision after the event. Those who fail to perform their duties in the supervision work shall be dealt with seriously according to law and regulations.

(3) Strengthen work inspection. Each member unit shall carry out self-inspection on the implementation of the work on a regular basis, and timely discover, grasp and resolve new situations and problems in the work. The leading group shall strengthen inspection and guidance, and regularly review and inform the work progress of each member unit.

(4) Strengthen publicity and training. Random spot checks are the exploration and innovation of supervision methods after the event. All member units must increase their publicity efforts, summarize and promote the good experience and practices in cross-department joint spot checks and supervision, and create a good atmosphere of public opinion. Business training and work exchange, transform law enforcement concepts, and improve law enforcement capabilities.