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According to the Central Government 's Notice on Special Rectification in the Theme Education of “Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Mission”, the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission's Supervision Committee's Special Rectification Work Plan for “Severely Investigating and Dealing with Irregularities and Corruption Around the People” The Judiciary Bureau's "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Investigation and Rectification of Unjust Law Enforcement, Selective Enforcement and Random Enforcement Related Work" and other document requirements, the Dongcheng District Judicial Bureau will focus on the investigation and rectification of administrative law enforcement in Dongcheng District. "Questions" work, from now until November 30, 2019, friends of the general public can call the complaint report phone to reflect the relevant claims.

64010190 (临时) Report phone : 64010190 (provisional)

周一至周五 上午 9:00-11:30 Processing time : Monday to Friday , 9: 00-11: 30

14: 00-17: 00 PM

Receiving scope:

Three aspects refer to:

Unfair enforcement, selective enforcement, arbitrary enforcement

The seven types of questions refer to:

权权交易、权钱交易等徇私枉法或者 “批条子”“打招呼”“托人情”等干预执法过程、影响执法结果的人情执法; (1) Human rights law enforcement such as rights and powers transactions, power and money transactions, or "approval notes", "greeting", and "trusting people", which interfere with the law enforcement process and affect the results of law enforcement;

涉刑案件 “有案不移”或“以罚代刑”; (2) Cases involving criminal cases are "unchanged" or "substituting penalty for punishment ";

不按裁量基准进行处罚,造成处罚 “畸轻畸重”; (3) Failure to impose penalties on the basis of discretion, resulting in penalties of “light and severe ”;

随意扣押与案件无关物品; (4) Random detention of items unrelated to the case;

区别对待不同市场主体或者执法对象执法,实施执法检查选择、过滤监管对象,或者只对合法经营执法,不对非法经营执法; (5) Differentiate the enforcement of different market entities or law enforcement targets, implement law enforcement inspection selection and filter supervision targets, or only enforce lawful operations and not enforce illegal operations;

接到街乡吹哨部门报到不履职,或者联合执法中只出场不履职; (6) Upon receiving a report from the street and township whistle-blowing department to fail to perform their duties, or to only perform non-performance in joint law enforcement;

检查无计划或者无实质内容,对市场主体正常经营活动造成干扰。 (7) The inspection has no plan or substantive content, which interferes with the normal business activities of market entities.

三个方面、七类问题 ”受理投诉。 This complaint report phone only accepts complaints against the " three aspects and seven types of problems " of administrative law enforcement suspected by the district-level administrative law enforcement department in Dongcheng District . 67081148;涉及党员领导干部和监察对象违纪问题,请拨打市纪委监委投诉举报热线12388;反映其他问题,请拨打政府服务热线12345。 For complaints involving municipal departments, please call the Beijing Municipal Judicial Bureau to report complaints hotline: 67081148; for party member leaders and monitoring targets for violations of discipline, please call the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Complaint Reporting Hotline 12388; for other issues, please call the government service hotline 12345 .

Dongcheng District Justice Bureau

September 25, 2019