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号院内有地下空间一处,为-01层,建筑面积306.35平方米,未经城乡规划行政主管部门批准,未依法取得建设工程规划许可证,违反了《北京市城乡规划条例》第二十九条第一款的规定,涉嫌属于违法建设。 It was found that there is an underground space in the courtyard of No. 67 Ministry of Internal Affairs Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, with a floor area of -01 and a building area of 306.35 square meters. The first paragraph of Article 29 of the "Beijing Urban and Rural Planning Regulations" was suspected to be illegal construction.

日内,到本行政机关主张权利,接受调查。 The construction unit, owner or manager of the aforesaid building is requested to claim the right and accept an investigation within 10 days after the publication of this Announcement. According to the first paragraph of Article 32 of the "Administrative Penalty Law of the People's Republic of China", the construction unit, owner or manager of the above-mentioned building has the right to state and defend. If no one claims rights within the time limit, the administrative organ will order it to be dismantled (backfilled) within a time limit in accordance with the provisions of Article 75, paragraph 1, of the Beijing Municipal Urban and Rural Planning Regulations; Remove (backfill).

The above-mentioned illegal construction units or owners and managers are individuals, please bring your identity certificate and photocopy, power of attorney, and relevant approval documents to our unit for investigation.

If the construction unit, owner or manager of the above building is a legal person or other organization, please bring a copy of the business license (a copy of the organization code), the identity certificate of the legal representative (the person in charge), and the power of attorney (the above three items) The company's official seal must be affixed), the client's identity certificate (ID card) and other certification materials and related approval documents to our unit for investigation.

                                 December 5, 2019

本行政机关地址: Note: 1. Address of this administrative agency:

4th Floor, Building 6, Xishuijing Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing (Chaoyangmen Street Law Enforcement Team) .

   联系人: 2. Contact:   Zhang Hanlin   ;电话: Zhang Wei'an ; Phone:    010-58642754    .