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19 年1 1 22 日,通过 数字东城 公开向社会发布《关于征集东城园金融产业发展课题研究的比选通知》,至1 1 2 6日报名截止期,有 家服务机构报名参加此项目,根据服务机构的报价,符合“委内比选”流程。 20 On January 22 , 19 , the Digital East City publicly released the "Notice on Soliciting Competitions for Research on the Development of the Financial Industry in the East City Park", and by the deadline for registration on November 2 and 6, three service agencies registered. This project, in accordance with the quotation of the service agency, is in line with the "Venezuel Selection" process. The project registration and results are announced as follows:

北京携创科技有限公司、北京新元文智信息技术有限公司、北京智慧桥咨询服务有限公司 The applicants are: Beijing Chuangchuang Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinyuan Wenzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Wisdom Bridge Consulting Services Co., Ltd.

金融产业发展课题研究 专项工作。 After fulfilling the "intra-committee selection" procedure, it was determined that Beijing Wisdom Bridge Consulting Services Co., Ltd. was responsible for implementing the special research work on the financial industry development of Zhongguancun East City Park .