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According to the relevant laws and regulations and relevant provisions of the "Administrative Licensing Law of the People's Republic of China", the relevant circumstances of the relocation of medical institutions of Dongdan Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic of Dongcheng District of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing Municipality are now publicized, and opinions of interested parties are sought.

、拟迁址医疗机构的类别:中医门诊部 1. Type of medical institution to be relocated: TCM clinic

、医疗机构拟迁入的执业地点:北京市东城区法华寺街91A105 2. The place where the medical institution plans to move in: No. 105 , Block A , 91 Fahuasi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

、拟迁址医疗机构的诊疗科目:医学检验科;临床体液、血液专业/中医科;内科专业;外科专业;妇产科专业;儿科专业;皮肤科专业;骨伤科专业;针灸科专业;推拿科专业 3. Diagnostic subjects of the medical institution to be relocated: medical laboratory ; clinical body fluids, hematology / traditional Chinese medicine ; internal medicine ; surgical specialty ; obstetrics and gynecology ; pediatrics ; dermatology ; orthopedics Major in Tuina

、拟迁址医疗机构的床位数: 0 ,牙椅数: 0 4. Number of beds in the medical institution to be relocated: 0 , number of dental chairs: 0

、拟迁址医疗机构设置人(设置申请人)的名称:北京市东城区中医药学会 5. Name of the person who set up the medical institution to be relocated (the applicant): Beijing Dongcheng District Chinese Medicine Association

Publicity time limit: five working days from the publicity date.

Those who have objections to this administrative license may submit their opinions in writing to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Management Department of the Dongcheng District Health and Health Committee of Beijing during the publicity period. The submitter of the opinion shall specify the specific opinion in the written opinion, explain the interests, be responsible for its authenticity and validity, and indicate the contact person and contact information.

124Address for submission of comments: Room 124 , No. 83 , Dongsiyizi, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Consulting Tel: 64023337


Beijing Dongcheng District Health and Health Committee

                                  1211December 11 , 2019