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〔20 18 51 Dong Zheng Fa [20 18 ] No. 51

Dongcheng District People's Government

印发《东城区支持金融业发展的 About Printing and Distributing

通知 Notice of Several Opinions

Sub-district offices, district committees, offices, bureaus, and district-affiliated agencies:

"Several Opinions of Dongcheng District in Supporting the Development of the Financial Industry" has been reviewed and approved by the Standing Committee of the District Committee and the District Government Symposium, and is now issued to you. Please implement it carefully in accordance with the actual situation.

Dongcheng District People's Government

27 December 27 , 2018

(This is publicly available)

Some opinions on supporting the development of financial industry in Dongcheng District

In order to implement the "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of the Modern Financial Service Industry in the Capital" (Jing Finance [ 2018 ] No. 110 ), to accelerate the development and development of the financial industry in Dongcheng District, and to give play to the leading role of finance in supporting the " high-tech " economic structure, Encourage the development of foreign-funded finance, promote the construction of a national cultural and financial cooperation demonstration zone, and formulate "Several Opinions on Supporting the Development of the Financial Industry in Dongcheng District" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").

    First 关系均注册在东城区的金融机构。 This "Opinions" applies to financial institutions established with the approval of the State Council and the State Financial Regulatory Department, and whose industrial, commercial, tax, and statistical relationships are registered in Dongcheng District.

    强化对金融机构成立初期培育扶持。 Article 2 Strengthen the cultivation and support for financial institutions in the early stages of its establishment. Financial institutions newly established and newly moved to Dongcheng District will be given a one-time start-up subsidy based on their comprehensive contributions. According to the scale of paid-in capital, a subsidy of less than 100 million yuan (inclusive) -500 million yuan, 5 million yuan, a subsidy of 500 million yuan (inclusive) -1 billion yuan, 10 million yuan (inclusive) -3 billion yuan The subsidy within 20 million yuan, and the subsidy above 3 billion yuan (inclusive) are 50 million yuan. Financial institutions will be given incentives to increase their capital. If the paid-in capital is increased by more than 1 billion yuan (inclusive), a one-time subsidy of 10 million yuan will be given based on its comprehensive contribution .

鼓励金融机构入驻东城区发展。 Article 3 encourages financial institutions to settle in Dongcheng District for development. Financial institutions, branches, and branches of legal entities newly established, newly moved into Dongcheng District, and purchasing office space within their jurisdictions will be given financial subsidies based on their comprehensive contributions. For office buildings, a one-time subsidy of 1500 yuan per square meter will be granted ; for office buildings, office buildings will be subsidized at 50% of the rent for the first three years . The area of newly-purchased or leased office space for self-use should meet actual needs and must not be rented or sold or changed. Once found, all policy support will be stopped.

支持文化金融发展。 Article 4 Supports cultural and financial development. For newly-established legal entities specializing in cultural and financial institutions newly moved into Dongcheng District, an additional one-time subsidy of 15% will be added based on the contents of Article 2 ; The financial specialized agency grants a one-time subsidy of 500,000 yuan. For financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and trust companies in Dongcheng District, according to the business scale of providing financing services to cultural enterprises in the district each year , a reward of 1% of the business scale will be awarded for more than 200 million yuan (inclusive) , and the annual reward amount of a single financial institution The maximum is not more than 5 million yuan.

The fifth Encourage foreign financial development. 区转制为法人机构的, 根据其综合贡献给予一定资金补助。 If the representative office of a foreign-funded financial institution is transformed into a legal entity in Dongcheng District, certain fund subsidies will be given based on its comprehensive contribution. 出突出贡献的外资金融分支机构,给予500万元的一次性开办费用补助。 A one-time start-up subsidy of 5 million yuan will be given to foreign-funded financial branches that are newly established and newly moved into Dongcheng District and are expected to make outstanding contributions to the regional economy and society in the future . 享受,外资金融机构 可在二者间自主选择。 The reward content in this clause and Article 2 shall not be enjoyed repeatedly , and foreign financial institutions may choose between them.

加强金融 人才奖励。 Article 6 Strengthen the reward of financial talents. The senior management personnel and business backbones of financial institutions and branches with large economic contributions will be included in the scope of Dongcheng District's high-end talent policy support, and certain financial incentives will be given.

    优化金融营商环境。 Article 7 Optimize the financial business environment. 定制化、个性化、专业化 的服务模式,设立重点金融机构服务专员, 实现一对一 精准服务 ,切实解决金融机构在人才引进、医疗服务、子女教育、工作居住证等方面的需求;完善商务、生活、文化等配套服务设施,增强区域高端金融要素资源承载力;举办高规格的文化金融峰会、沙龙等主题活动,打造东城区文化金融品牌。 Establish a customized, personalized, professional service model, set up service commissioners for key financial institutions, and achieveone-on-one precise services , effectively addressing financial institutions in terms of talent introduction, medical services, child education, work permit Improve the supporting services and facilities such as business, living, culture, and enhance the carrying capacity of high-end financial elements in the region; organize high-level cultural and financial summits, salons and other themed activities to build the Dongcheng District cultural and financial brand

    eighth Enterprises enjoying this "Opinion" will no longer enjoy other preferential policies in Dongcheng District, and enterprises will choose preferentially.

    本《意见》由北京市东城区金融服务办公室负责解释,自 2019 1 1 日起施行。 Article 9 The "Opinions" of Beijing Dongcheng District Financial Services Office is responsible for the interpretation, and will be implemented as of January 1 , 2019 .