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20 18 50 Dong Zheng Fa [ 20 18 ] No. 50

Dongcheng District People's Government

印发《东城区关于鼓励企业上市挂牌融资的若干措施》 通知 Notice on Printing and Distributing "Several Measures on Encouraging the Listing and Financing of Enterprises in Dongcheng District"

Sub-district offices, district committees, offices, bureaus, and district-affiliated agencies:

The "Dongcheng District Measures on Encouraging the Listing and Financing of Enterprises" have been reviewed and approved by the Standing Committee of the District Committee and the Standing Committee of the District Government, and are now issued to you. Please implement them carefully in accordance with the actual situation.

Dongcheng District People's Government

27 December 27 , 2018

(This is publicly available)

Dongcheng District's Measures to Encourage Enterprises to List and List Financing

In order to further increase the efforts of listing and listing of enterprises in our region, and encourage enterprises to develop and grow larger and stronger through the capital market, according to the "Opinions of the General Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government on Further Supporting the Listing and Development of Enterprises" (Beijing Government Office issued [ 2018 ] No. 21 ), in accordance with the actual conditions of this area, formulate this measure.

I. scope of application

本措施适用于在本行政区域内完成工商、税务、统计登记注册, 主体业务所属地在本区的 拟上市企业和上市挂牌企业。 Article 1 This measure is applicable to enterprises that are planned to be listed and listed in the district where business, taxation and statistical registration are completed within the administrative area, where the main business belongs . 融资是指在 境内外股票市场或全国中小企业股份转让系统挂牌 (以下简称:新三板)后的融资行为。 Listing and listing financing refers to financing activities after listing on the domestic and overseas stock markets or the national SME stock transfer system (hereinafter referred to as the New Third Board). 需满足以下条件: Eligibility requirements must meet the following conditions:

(1) The operation is relatively standard, the company's credit record is good, and there are no major violations of laws and regulations;

(2) The main business is in line with the industrial development layout and industrial development direction of Dongcheng District, and belongs to industries that are supported by key features or have special advantages.

Cultivation and service

鼓励和促进企业上市应当坚持企业为主、政府引导、规范运作、积极推进的原则,通过优化发展环境,加大上市挂牌支持力度,形成储备一批、培育一批、申报一批、上市一批的工作格局。 Article 2: Encouraging and promoting the listing of enterprises should adhere to the principles of enterprise-oriented, government guidance, standardized operation, and active promotion. By optimizing the development environment and increasing support for listing and listing, form a batch of reserves, cultivate a batch, declare a batch, Work pattern of a batch of listed companies.  

建立拟上市企业资源库,结合东城区产业发展方向和重点,动态筛选符合产业定位、主营业务突出、竞争能力较强、盈利水平较好、具有发展潜力的企业纳入资源库,确定近、中、远期培育对象,根据企业发展不同阶段和特点,开展资源对接、政策指导等服务,推动企业快速发展。 Article 3 The establishment of a resource bank for the companies to be listed, combined with the industrial development direction and focus of Dongcheng District, dynamically selects companies that meet industrial positioning, prominent main business, strong competitiveness, good profitability, and development potential to be included in the resource bank, and determined In the short, medium and long term, we will provide services such as resource matching and policy guidance according to the different stages and characteristics of enterprise development to promote the rapid development of enterprises.

东城区将搭建由政府、证券交易所、证券公司和股权投资机构等组成的服务平台,充分利用线上、线下的方式发掘上市企业资源, 做好企业上市培育工作,引导拟上市公司规范合规健康发展,从源头上提高上市公司质量。 Article 4 Dongcheng District will build a service platform consisting of the government, stock exchanges, securities companies, and equity investment institutions. It will make full use of online and offline methods to explore listed company resources, do a good job of cultivating companies for listing, and guide the proposed listing. The company regulates compliance and healthy development and improves the quality of listed companies from the source. The platform will carry out various forms of training and coaching, including popular training, roadshow demonstrations, special coaching for specific stages of corporate restructuring and listing, one-on-one coaching, and simulation review meetings, etc., and guide companies to use domestic and foreign multi-level capital markets , Accelerate the integration of investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring.

区有关部门将拟上市企业、上市公司、优质挂牌企业列为重点服务对象,简化办事流程,提高办事效率;开辟绿色通道 ,提供 一站式 服务,积极帮助协调化解企业改制、挂牌、上市过程中和经营过程中遇到的问题,推进企业快速发展,进一步优化区域营商环境。 Article 5 Relevant departments of the district have listed the planned companies, listed companies, and high-quality listed companies as key service targets, simplifying business processes and improving efficiency; opening up " green channels " , providing " one-stop " services, and actively helping to coordinate and resolve enterprises The problems encountered during the process of restructuring, listing, listing, and operation, promoted the rapid development of enterprises, and further optimized the regional business environment.

Funding rewards

申请国内主板、中小板及创业板首次公开发行股票上市( IPO )的企业,在获得中国证监会出具的申请受理通知书后,企业可申请 200 万元奖励。 Article 6 An enterprise applying for an initial public offering ( IPO ) of a domestic main board, small and medium-sized board, and ChiNext board may apply for a 2 million yuan reward after receiving the application acceptance notice issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission . After obtaining the approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to approve the initial public offering of shares, the enterprise may apply for an additional 3 million yuan in reward.

申请境外市场首次公开发行股票上市( IPO )的企业,给予 300 万元奖励,并在企业上市成功后给予拨付。 Article 7 An enterprise applying for an initial public offering ( IPO ) in an overseas market is awarded a reward of 3 million yuan and will be paid after the successful listing of the enterprise. The overseas listed companies in the region that have returned to the main board will make up the difference (totaling 5 million yuan) with reference to the domestic listing standards .

企业在新三板成功挂牌的,自挂牌后 3 年内累计融资达到 6000 万元的,给予一次性 200 万元的奖励。 Article 8 If an enterprise is successfully listed on the New Third Board, the cumulative financing of 60 million yuan within three years after listing will be given a one-time reward of 2 million yuan. If the cultural industry enterprises are successfully listed, if the cumulative financing reaches 30 million yuan within 3 years after listing, a reward of 1 million yuan will be given, and the cumulative financing will reach 60 million yuan to make up the difference. Enterprises that have transferred from the New Third Board to the Main Board, SME Board and GEM Board shall make up the difference by referring to the domestic listing standards.

4. Supplementary Provisions

本措施中境内上市是指在 上海证券交易所 及深圳证券交易所首次公开发行股票上市( IPO )的企业。 Article 9 The domestic listing in this measure refers to the companies that have been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange for initial public offering ( IPO ). Overseas listing refers to the initial public offering on overseas stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange. Stock listing ( IPO ) business.

本措施依申请执行, 申报奖励企业应于每年的 5 31 日前将申报材料报送至东城区产业和投资促进局(金融办),经审核后予以兑付。 Article 10 This measure shall be implemented in accordance with the application. The declaration and reward enterprise shall submit the application materials to the Dongcheng District Industry and Investment Promotion Bureau (Financial Office) before May 31 of each year , and shall be honored after review. The specific operating procedures for declaration, acceptance, review and approval shall be separately formulated and announced by the Dongcheng District Industry and Investment Promotion Bureau (Financial Office), and the current year's declaration guidelines shall prevail.

申请享受本措施相关政策的企业在申报获取政府扶持政策时应遵循诚信原则,有任何瞒报、虚报或者编造鼓励条件的,不能获得扶持资金或区配套服务。 Article 11 Enterprises applying for policies related to this measure shall follow the principle of good faith when applying for government support policies. Anyone who conceals, falsely reports, or fabricates incentives cannot obtain support funds or district supporting services. All fraudulent behaviors such as fraudulent behaviors of enterprises shall be recovered. After enjoying the reward, the company must continue to operate in Dongcheng District for no less than 5 years.

本措施自 2019 1 1 日起施行。 Article 12 This measure shall be implemented from January 1 , 2019 . “Several Opinions of Dongcheng District on Supporting the Listing and Financing of Enterprises” (Dong Zheng Fa [ 2014 ] No. 25 ) issued in 2014 shall be repealed at the same time.