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Beijing Guorui Deheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guorui Deheng Co., Ltd.) developed the Guorui · Ruifuyuan project with common property housing, and the remaining parts of the house are unified to meet the requirements of Beijing common property housing purchase Urban household registration and homeless families are open for application registration. The application registration time is from 10:00 am on November 25, 2019 to 17:00 pm on December 9, 2019.

I. Basic information of the project

The Guorui Ruifu Garden Project is located in Ouhai Town, Daxing District. The project has four locations: east to Jingfu Road, south to Luan Street, west to Lushun Road, and north to Jiji Street. The planned total construction area of the project is about 208,000 square meters, of which the floor area of the common property housing project is about 101,000 square meters. 52 套,其中,两居室 40 套,建筑面积约 89平方米;三居室 12 套,建筑面积约 139平方米。 The total number of publicly- listed houses in this project is 52 , of which 40 are two-bedrooms , with a building area of about 89 square meters; 12 are three-bedrooms , with a building area of about 139 square meters. The sales price is 29,000 yuan / square meter.

2. Placement object and house arrangement

售对象:符合北京市共有产权住房申购条件的东城区户籍无房家庭。 The target of this joint property housing project : Dongcheng District households without a home registered in Dongcheng District, which are eligible for the purchase of common property housing in Beijing.

52 套,全部面向东城区户籍无房家庭开放申购登记。 House arrangement: There are 52 sets of houses for public placement this time , all of which are open for purchase registration for households with no household registration in Dongcheng District. 1 )。 (See Annex 1 for the listing details ).

Third, the purchase conditions

(1) Dongcheng District households who have no household registration can apply for registration:

1. The applicant should have full capacity for civil conduct. The family members of the applicant include both husband and wife and minor children. If a single family applies for a purchase, the applicant should be at least 30 years old (as of December 9, 2019).

2. The applicant family should meet the housing purchase restrictions in this city, and no family member has a house in this city. A family can only buy a common property home.

(2) No one may apply for the purchase of the common property housing in any of the following circumstances:

1. The applicant family has signed a house purchase contract or an expropriation (demolition) resettlement house compensation agreement.

2. The applicant family has a record of housing transfer out in this city.

3. Couples in a family with a separate application filed after the divorce, and the time of application is less than three years from the marriage.

4. The applicant family has illegal construction behaviors, and the illegal buildings, structures or facilities have not been demolished when applying.

After applying for family lease of public rental housing, public housing (including direct management and self-managed public housing, etc.), and then purchase of common ownership housing, they should make a written commitment to vacate the rented housing before signing the purchase contract network.

Determination of the proportion of shared shares

According to the "Interim Measures for the Management of Beijing Common Property Housing" (Jingjian Law [ 2017] No. 16), the determination of the property rights share of the placing project is as follows:

(I) Principle of determining the proportion of common shares

The property rights of the above-mentioned projects are shared by the buyers and the government, and the determination principles are implemented in accordance with the "Interim Measures for the Management of Beijing's Common Property Housing" (Jingjian Law [ 2017] No. 16), in which the government property shares are guaranteed by Daxing District, Beijing Hold by Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

(2) Evaluation and determination of the share ratio

The real estate appraisal agency has been entrusted to complete the appraisal of the proportion of shares shared between the purchaser and the government before the purchase of the above-mentioned projects . The proportion of property rights of buyers of single-family housing in the Fuyuan Project is 60%, and Beijing Daxing District Affordable Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd. (the government property rights holding agency) holds a 40% share.

若购房家庭选择了 国瑞 ·瑞福园项目 一套建筑面积为 89㎡,销售价格为29000元/㎡的房屋,则该家庭需支付的购房款为89㎡×29000元/㎡=2581000元,该家庭所占该套房屋产权份额比例为60%。 Example: If a home-buying family chooses a house with a building area of 89 square meters and a sales price of 29,000 yuan / square meter, the family purchase price is 89 square meters × 29,000 yuan / ㎡ = 2581000 Yuan, the family's share of the property rights of the house is 60%. Beijing Daxing District Affordable Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd. holds a 40% share.

V. Qualification review

网上申购登记结束后,对申请购买家庭购房资格进行联网审核。 (1) After the online purchase registration is completed, the online review of the eligibility for a home purchase application is reviewed online. After the audit is completed, the audit results will be posted on the Dongcheng District Government Portal (Digital Dongcheng). Families who disagree with the results of the review may apply to Dongcheng District Housing Security Management Department for review. Families that fail the review may not participate in house selection.

在申请家庭选房后,正式签约前,将再次组织对选房家庭进行购房资格审核,凡不符合要求的家庭,不得签约,取消本次配售项目购买资格。 (2) After applying for home selection, before the formal signing of the contract, the home purchase qualification review will be organized again. Any family that does not meet the requirements shall not sign a contract and cancel the purchase qualification of this placement project.

Six, placing supervision

(1) In order to ensure the open, fair, and fair work of the public property housing placement, the public property housing lottery and house selection process shall be notarized by the notary office. The Dongcheng District Housing and Urban Construction Committee will supervise and guide the placement work. Beijing Guorui Deheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for implementation.

(2) The household applying for the purchase shall truthfully fill in the family information at the purchase stage and make a real commitment to meet the relevant conditions of the purchase. The paper materials submitted before housing selection should be consistent with the online application family information. Families who have fraudulently purchased housing with shared property rights by concealing their housing status, forging related certificates, etc. will be disqualified in strict accordance with the "Interim Measures for the Management of Beijing's Shared Property Housing" upon verification, and prohibited from applying for this city again within ten years All kinds of affordable and policy housing; the development enterprise terminates the contract with it, and the home-buying family bears the corresponding liabilities and legal liabilities.

(3) In the process of applying for, approving, approving, publicizing, lottery, selling, and withdrawing the qualifications of the joint ownership housing for the staff of the relevant units and development enterprises, they shall be investigated for administrative responsibility according to law if they neglect their duties, abuse their power, or engage in malpractices for personal gain; Transfer to the judicial authorities for criminal responsibility according to law.

Questions to be explained

(1) If the applicant and all the family's common applicants have legal housing on collective land and purchase common property housing, they must promise that if house demolition on collective land is involved, no compensation method for housing resettlement shall be selected or the After purchasing the common property housing, the housing resettlement compensation method will be selected.

(2) Information on housing, apartment types and contracts of the above projects is provided by the development and construction company for reference only.

(3) The applicant family shall recommend a family member who meets the application requirements as the main applicant, and truthfully report the family information. If the applicant family fails to report the family information truthfully or misreports the family information, which results in the inconsistency between the information submitted online and the actual family information and fails to pass the review, it will not be subject to review and may not participate in the house selection.

(4) In April 2017, the Guorui · Ruifuyuan project obtained a confirmation of the sale of the state-owned construction land use right, and the leasing documents stipulated that the scale of the residential building would be used for the construction of "self-occupied commercial housing". According to the provisions of the "Interim Measures for the Management of Beijing's Common Property Housing" (Jingjian Law [2017] No. 16), self-occupied commercial housing that has not been sold before September 30, 2017 is sold and managed according to the common property housing. 北京市共有产权住房规划设计宜居建设导则(试行) 的通知》(京建法〔 2017〕20号)相关规定,采用全装修成品交房。 Therefore, the Guorui · Ruifuyuan project is a project for converting self-occupied commercial housing into shared property housing. The project is designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant requirements of self-occupied commercial housing. Relevant provisions of the Guidelines for the Construction of Residential Buildings (for Trial Implementation) ” (Jingjian Law [ 2017] No. 20) require the use of fully renovated finished products for delivery.

开发建设公司 ,乙方为购房人,丙方为北京市大兴区保障性住房建设投资有限公司。 (5) A three-party contract was signed for the Guorui Ruifuyuan Project, in which Party A (the seller) is a development and construction company , Party B is a house purchaser, and Party C is Beijing Daxing District Affordable Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

(6) The property rights of the property acquired by the purchaser are: “shared property housing”, and subsequent management such as the re-listing of houses shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations on shared property housing.

(7) The Guorui Ruifuyuan Project supports provident fund loans, commercial loans, and portfolio loans.

(8) The "Beijing Pre-sale Contract for Common Property Housing in Beijing" of Guorui · Ruifuyuan Project has been publicized online. Contract link:

Guorui Ruifu Garden:


Online application address:


support hotline:

Guo Rui Rui Fu Yuan (上午 9:00-下午17:00) 010-81288777 (9:00 AM- 17:00 PM)

Supervision phone: 010-64027600 (9 AM to 11:30 AM on weekdays; 14:00 to 17:30 PM)

Attachment 1: Guorui · Rufuyuan sells homes for families

Attachment 2: Special reminder about the situation of the Guorui Ruifuyuan project

Annex 3: Precautions for purchase

Annex 4: Operation Guide for the Purchase System

Attachment 5: Overview of Guorui · Shuiyuan Garden Common Property Housing Project

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November 22, 2019