Policy measures
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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a symposium on provincial and municipal burden reduction work

Channels for reporting complaints about arrears of private enterprise SMEs across the country and regions

The city held the on-site consulting activities of the seventh week

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organizes a third-party evaluation of the effect of reducing the general industrial and commercial electricity price policy ...

The National Development and Reform Commission deployed to speed up the cleanup and standardization of the transfer of power to increase the price and reduce the general labor ...

Dongcheng District Reduces Business Burden Reporting Phone and Email
  • Report phone: 84039292

  • Report Fax: 84021689

  • Report email: kwglk@jmdsp.com

  • Mailing address: Room 617, 52 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

List of fees involved
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Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology

The Beijing Municipal Economic and Information Commission's Announcement on the Release of Charges by Enterprises Associations and Chambers of Commerce ...

Documents of the 7th Beijing Publicity Week

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance announce the list of the State Council's department-related enterprise deposits

Notice on Printing and Distributing the List of Charges for Operating Services of Enterprises Involved in Beijing

Column of Information on Accounts Arrears Arrears from Private Enterprises in 2019
  • Phone: 84039292

  • Contact Fax: 84021689

  • Feedback email: kwglk@jmdsp.com

    If there is a clue to the arrears of payment, please fill in the "Statement of arrears of SMEs in arrears of private enterprises", and provide relevant certification materials, and send them to the feedback email kwglk@jmdsp.com